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Centerline Boring inspects all bore pits prior to entry to assure they meet OSHA standards and requirements.  Lines and grades are then set set per the General Contractor’s direction.  Centerline employees are supplied with safety glasses, ear plugs, hard hats and if necessary the bore pit air will be monitored daily.  The boring is done by an auger boring procedure.

When the stone grade is set four 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood are placed on the stone and the drill frame is placed on the plywood.  The motor, set casing and augers are as one piece in 20’ sections. As boring proceeds the line and grade will be monitored using a 4’ level.  When deemed necessary by the supervisor augers will be removed for inspection of line and grade with a laser beam.

At the completion of the bore rails are installed on the casing to support the concrete pipe from the bottom.  This also keeps the pipe from floating while grout is inserted.  There will be a rail welded on the top inside of the casing.

Grouting is inserted by the pumping method.  The space between the casing and the carrier pipe is bulk headed with concrete before grouting proceeds.  A vent pipe is installed on the opposite end of the casing from the pump.

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